Updated: 2013-12-20

This is a rough list of what is planned to be implemented on this site in the future.


New, more permitting license
With the release of BSBD-0.9.3 we have changed our license from CC-BY-NC to CC-BY, which allows for commercial use of the BSBD data and imagery. We hope that this will lead to even broader use of BSBD!
New version of the bathymetry model
Version 0.9.3 has been released on 2013-12-20, including a lot of new data and some new map functions.
The new version includes data for Poland and Latvia, as well as significant updates of the Finnish EEZ. For the Russian and Lithuanian areas, GEBCO data is being used now (until better data becomes available).
New map functions include information about the depth at the mouse cursor position, and the possibility to plot the water depth along a straight line (profile).
The BSBD metadata records have also been updated.
A new version of the bathymetry model
Version 0.9.1 has been released on 2013-09-25, including a lot of new data. There are big improvements especially in the German parts of the Baltic Sea and in the Swedish EEZ. We even have included the Danish and Swedish parts of Skagerrak.
Data density layer
A map layer showing the density of the source data in each place. This gives an indication about the local quality of the depth model. See the metadata for more details.


Better digital bathymetry model
We continuously work with improving the depth model, as better source data gets available.

Probably within days

Update of the external metadata records
With the model update, our external metadata records for version 0.0.4 are currently out-of-date.

Probably within weeks

The model will very likely be extended so that it covers the area of Skagerrak in the North Sea as well. The border as defined by IHO roughly spans from Hanstholm (DK) to the southern tip of Norway.
Possibility to sign up for a newsletter, with information about e.g. model updates.

Probably within months

Denser datasets
Denser datasets will be produced over some areas that allow this. Terms of use for these may differ between countries.
Depth curves
Depth curves derived from the bathymetric model will be presented in the map.
Place names
Labels for place names. This includes the names of the Baltic Sea subdivisions, bathymetric features, islands and towns.

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