If you feel like you miss something here, please contact us and we will try our best to answer your questions.

The portal’s main aim is to be an easy to use viewer where you can explore the bathymetric conditions of the “Baltic Sea” and “Skagerrak”, sometimes also called the “Entrance to the Baltic”.

There is help available on how to use the map.

About the data set

See the metadata page for detailed information about the data set, what it is based on, how it was produced etc.

Supported Browsers

The site has been designed to be used whith modern browsers. Expect Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer from version 8 to work. Methusalem browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 and below are not supported.

Viewing should also be possible on most mobile devices. However, the download functionality does not work with touch screens yet.


If you cannot find answers to your questions please feel free to do something against this. Write to us in English or Swedish.

I Can't find the tool to mark an area for download?
If you are using an iPad or similar tool using a touch screen some functionalities on the homepage is disabled. Unfortunately this also applies if you are using a Laptop computer that has a touchscreen.
When I mark a square area for download, the download doesn't become a square area.
The map is displayed in a projected coordinate system (metric grid) but the default coordinate for download is an unprojected coordinate system (Lat/Long). The corner coordinates are the same as you have defined but you will get slightly larger area to the south and less area to the north than your definition.
The solution is to select a slightly larger area than your actual need in the northern part.
Why doesn't a downloaded Arc ASCII grid open in ArcMap?
The downloaded gridfile gets the file-extension .grd and versions of ArcMap earlier than 9.6 doesn't recognize it as a valid file extension.
The solution is to change the file-extension to .asc and it should become visible in the open file dialogue and also be possible to just drop into your project.
I download a 32bit floating-point GeoTIFF but I cannot see anything when I open the file in a image viewer.
The 32bit floating-point GeoTIFF is a file containing only data values and is normally used for import of data into GIS systems.
In order to get an image possible to view in an image viewer please select to download either the RGB PNG (image) or the RGB GeoTIFF (image) that contain images of the selected area.
I want the complete data files!
We cannot provide you with the source data, but you can download the complete 500m grid here (approx. 80MB) and the source data density (see the metadata page for a description of what this is) from this link. The format is floating point GeoTIFF and the projection is EPSG:3035. The ordinary BSBD license applies.