How to navigate in the map

Move around

To move around in the map just press left (or middle) mouse button and move the cursor. A double click will zoom in one level and center the view over the mouse coordinates. If you instead press <Shift> + <left mouse button> you can mark an area for your next view and you can zoom in on the correct place in one move.

Get information of the content of a specific cell

Attribute information from a specific cell is avaliable as a default tool. Hover an area where depth is present and the position and depth will appear in your lower left corner.

Mark areas for download

Use the tool to the left of the screen to mark an area of interest for download. Click in the center of the drawn box to open the dowload dialogue.

Remove selected areas

To remove one or more of the selected areas, click the trash can icon and click on the areas to remove. Secondly save the changes by clicking on the flag besides the trash can.